Introduction by the Senior Pastor

Onnuri Church is built by vision “Acts church”

which God gave to Pastor Hayongjo. Acts

church means Jesus is the master of church

and also it is lead by Holy Spirit.


It is a church where laity live as salts and lights in the world and witness a life as a missionary. we don`t remain only in the region but move toward the ends of the earth.


Vision of Onnuri Acts church is represents words by “Acts 29“. In bible, book of Acts ends at chapter 28th, that seem like a lingering left unfinished ends. It means the history of book of acts continue through the church. Onnuri church wants to be the one that is write down the history of book of Acts in this era.


we will be obedience to the Great Commission of Christ until the Lord comes, and will be ready for him as a Acts of church.



Senior Pastor of Onnuri Church,

Jaehoon Lee



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