Onnuri Church History

  • 1984~1985
    • 12 families from the National Christian Missions of Korea gather together and begin to pray and disciple under Pastor Ha’s leadership
    • A vision for a church that follows the churches of the book of Acts is casted and strived towards by the leadership
  • 1985~1987
    • On Oct. 6, 78 members gather together to have the first worship
    • at Onnuri Church
    • A Medical Missions team and missionaries are sent out to the islands of Korea
    • By Nov. 2nd, 1986, there are 510 registered members in Onnuri Church
  • 1988~1991
    Preaching Ministry

    • Jul. 9th, Main Sanctuary Opening Service
    • Stong push for QT, one-to-one discipleship, weekend/weekday Bible studies, and preaching ministry
    • Basics for a teacher training school and program set
    • By Dec. 31st, 1989, there are 1,832 registered members in Onnuri Church

    Preaching Ministry

    • Bible-based programs such as the Jubilee Project Seminar, Pastor Jim Graham’s Worship Seminar, Family Living Seminar, Social Missions Training School, etc. created
    • By Dec. 23rd, 1990, there are 2,571 registered members in Onnuri Church.
  • 1992~1996
    Holy Spirit Ministries : 1992~1993year

    • Holy Spirit, come!’ Soon-jul Oh’s Conference, Conferences to raise awareness of spiritual warfare
    • Onnuri Church receives the vision to send out 10,000 missionaries and 2,000 lay leaders
    • Registered members
    • Dec. 26th, 1993: 5,981 people

    Prayer Ministry : 1994~1996

    • Prayer Ministry started for spiritual revival, holiness and purity in the church
    • Early Morning Conference with the Holy Spirit, Praise and Worship, Inner Healing Ministry, Early Morning Prayer Conference for Unification
    • Early morning prayer conference started for Men and Women of Early Morning Prayer, Praise & Worship Ministry, Inner Healing Ministry
    • Registered members
    • Dec. 29th, 1996: 11,357 people
  • 1997~2002
    2000 / 10000 Ministry

    • Onnuri Church steps forward in faith, following after the 2000/10000 vision received in 1994
    • Vision to send out 2000 missionaries and raise 10,000 lay leaders by 2010
    • It is to raise and send 2,000 missionaries and 10,000 lay leaders into the mission field
    • Invite 2~3,000 people to the ‘Onnuri Ministries Celebration (OMC)’,‘Holy Spirit Celebration (HSC)’, and the ‘Vision and Leadership Celebration’A worship service is held in the Yangjae Sanctuary in hopes of accelerating the 2000/10000 vision
    • By April 2000, there are 20,944 registered members in Onnuri Church.
  • 2003~
    Acts 29 Vision

    • Acts29 Vision Declaration.
      – To declare the Gospel throughout the world and to reunite the churches as it was during the time of Acts.
      – To be a healthy reproducing church by raising up campus churches and vision churches and churches in the mission field
      2005 CGN-TV first airs the Matching Evangelism program
    • 2006 Lamp On(Emergency & Disaster Rescue Department) launched
    • June, 2010 there are raised 9 campus churches, 4 prayer centers, 25 vision churches, 1,220 missionaries sent, 301 churches raise in the mission field, and a total of 75,525 registered members at Onnuri Church
    • Aug. 2011 Pastor Ha Yong-jo passes

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