Onnuri Community


As soon as you become a member of Onnuri Church, you become a member of this very basic community.
The communities are divided by your age, which are Adults, Young Adults, and Next Generation.
We also have communities for expats and challenged.

General Community

Each community is formed in all around the campuses including Seobinggo and Yangjae.

  • Adults Community

    There are many small groups called “Soon” inside this big group of Adults Community. Soon is organized based on families and married couples, but there are Soons only for women and singles over 33.

  • Young Adults (Holy impact)

    Young Adults Community is to nurture young adults having holy impacts on the revival of the Church and the world. 7 Young Adults Communities and 3 College Communities are active in Seobinggo, Yangjae and other campuses in Seoul.

  • Youth (POWER wave)

    Power Wave Community is for youth at Onnuri. Power Wave has the vision to raise leaders with faith of the First Generation church and missions to reach out and change all the youth in Korea through worship, discipleship and outreach.

  • Children (Dream Land)

    ‘Dream’ is the vision and words from God, and ‘Land’ is the country and people from God. In other words, Dream Land means the place or people who realize visions and words of God dynamically and who stir lively and grow continuously.

  • Infants Toddler (Jesus Dream)

    Jesus Dream is short of children of Jesus’ Dream. This community is for age 0 months to 7 years, and we help children grow dreaming and realizing Jesus’ dream and to become disciples of Jesus.

  • Challenged Community (Sarang)

    We are different in ages and types of challenges we have, but we confess that we became one family of Jesus Christ. We pursue to connect and understand in between challenged. Further, we connect with external Christian communities and organizations so that we caTn draw more challenged people to Jesus and improve the welfares for the challenged.

Expats Community

Communities are organized based on languages, mainly for English, Japanese, Chinese languages.

  • English

    We welcome all who want to worship in English, Korean-Americans, Koreans and all who have visions to outreach to English-speaking countries.

  • Japanese

    We welcome Japanese, Japanese-Koreans, and all who have visions for missions in Japan. lenged people to Jesus and improve the welfares for the challenged.

  • Chinese

    We welcome Chinese students, Chinese in Korean, and all who have visions for missions in China.

  • Other Languages

    Small communities are organized in several campuses and churches for Mongolian, Indonesian, Russian, Sri Lankan, Cambodian, Pilipino, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Arabian worship service.

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