Statement of Faith

We believe in Jesus Christ and his community.

We believe that the biblical community should be “Jesus”-oriented Community.

Jesus Christ should be the lord of the community and the community should exist for Jesus Christ.

Onnunri Church strives to exist as true Jesus-oriented community in today’s world as worship-oriented, the Holy Spirit and Missions.

  • Woriship

    Worship is the heart of the body of the Lord. The Church with live worship is powerful, and the revival of the church starts from the worship. We pursue to become a Church where all the saints are the true worshippers.

  • Holy Spirit

    The Church was first formed from the Holy Spirit coming down at Pentecost. The Church could have the spiritual impact on changing the world when it was led by the Holy Spirit. We are the Community established by the Holy Spirit, run by the Holy Spirit, and desire to make fruits of the Holy Spirit.

  • Missions

    The Church owns the key to the Heaven received from Jesus. It is the biggest and surest blessing that we have won the power of Sheol and owned the key to the Heaven. Through 2000/10000 Vision, we hope to become the “suffering witnesses” reaching out the end of the world with the Good news. * 2000/10000 Vision – 2,000 Missionaries and 10,000 Ministors

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